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  • Aether Cone - The Thinking Music Player

    Cone is the first music player that thinks: It learns what you like, and plays what you’ll love. You don’t have to look at a single screen to use Cone.When you speak, Cone listens. If you know what you want to hear, ask out loud and Cone will play it.To skip to a similar song, just turn the dial a little. To jump to something completely different, give the dial a bigger spin and see where it takes you.The more you use Cone, the better it gets at playing the songs you love.

    - 대표관리자


    Designed as a continuation of the project Aplomb, Boiacca distinguish itself for pushing to the limit the mechanical properties of its material. Made entirely of concrete, it is a table which can be used both indoor and outdoor. The fulcrum of the project are the four legs which, as if they were moulded in plastic, thanks to the patient work of material reduction and the use of special steel inserts, reach a great thinness.  In addiction to these, the 13 mm thick top, as well concrete, which is perfectly flat with high resistance to bending. The modularity obtained with the metal frame allows to adapt this table model to very small or very large dimensions, particularly suitable for the contract.

    - 대표관리자

  • Vintage Style Edison Bulb

    Brooklyn Bulb Co. introduces an exclusive vintage style bulb series of artfully crafted, classic shapes made with hand-woven thread filament and clear glass. Each 40W bulb fits a standard light socket, making it an easy, fun alternative to any basic light bulb, maintaining a life span of up to 2,000 hours. Each bulb illuminates with a warm amber glow, filling any space with the utilitarian ambiance reminiscent of the original tungsten filament bulbs of the mid-20th Century.

    - 대표관리자

  • Coffee & brunch destination on Great Eastern ...

    You’ll have heard of Attendant as the unique subterranean coffee shop housed in an ex-public toilet in Fitzrovia. Well now there’s a second Attendant outpost to the east, on Great Eastern Street. Here, they’ve forgone the porcelain interiors of the gents, and are instead serving up coffee in a far a more traditional setting – though one that’s no less striking, with bottle green subway tiles, copper potted succulents and swish leather chairs.

    - 대표관리자

  • Leaarning To Dance In The Rain

    OR PLANT offers a variety of plants - leaves, trees or shrubs - that offer indoor gardens as outdoor spaces graphic harmony and contemporary elegance.Let exuberant nature earn your interior, lively bamboo groves, banana, tangerine, surprising warmth and fragrance.

    - 대표관리자

  • Designed for you

    Birthdays or holidays, good days or bad days, Zazzle’s customized greeting cards are the perfect way to convey your well-wishes and salutations on any occasion. Add a photo or pick a design and brighten someone’s day with a simple “hi”!

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    모노픽스의 디자인이 궁금하신분은 언제든지 연락주세요. 감사합니다.

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